about Pref

Pref is written by an incredibly talented team of writers who have been mandated to write entertaining, family-friendly content intended to be shared with friends and family on social media. Pref aims to produce content that its readers can empathize and connect with: Stories that touch on universal experiences with strong emotional undertones.

Nearly 10,000,000 individuals visit Pref every month, with the vast majority visiting from the United States. The Pref audience loves to share content with their friends and family, and Pref aims to create the kind of content worth sharing.

Pref boasts an audience that intersects a wide array of demographics. The largest age group using Pref is over 64 years old, with 25-36 year-olds being the second largest. Two-thirds of Pref’s audience is composed of women. The diversity of the Pref audience is best explained by its approach to emotionally-engaged content combined with its distribution on celebrity social media platforms, such as that of the incomparable George Takei.


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